Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving, 2006

Well, we are all here at my house, sleeping off the tryptophan load from dinner. I just extended invitations for 2 more people to contribute to the blog, my sister and mother. That way, pretty much everybody who would have a reason to read this can also post to it. Certain notable exceptions would be kin who are a little bit more distant, such as cousins and uncles. Hopefully they will be able to post something more than comments soon. The kids are being their precious selves, and all else seems to be well except for John who either has a bad virus or a pneumonia or both. I'm trying to get him better.

Strangely, it seems that an exclamation mark can not be used in the label for this post.

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davidshu said...

Glad ya'll had a good Thanksgiving! The G. Shumaker side of the clan had a great time at Lynda's place in Georgia. I'd post pictures to my blog, but for some reason I only took a couple of the "light hanging" exploits...